First day



First day with the Cone system & R3000…
Yellow ended up everywhere! Using the syringe with needle I had pulled some 30+ml out of the bottle when bubbles began to appear. Then it all broke loose! The syringe had a crack in it above the 35ml mark. in a moment ink was flowing out of the side of the syringe. A third of a bottle gone!
So, new rule: Check the syringes carefully for damage!
Second round VLM:
This bottle was different then the first. The first had a flat top with a foil seal. This one has a nipple top. The nipple opening fits the needle exactly. That means you can slip the needle in but not draw ink out because there is no way for air to get in. Instead of trying to pry it out I just cut it off with a razor. This opened the hole enough for air to replace the ink as it is drawn out. Get a couple of finger nails under the nipple & it does work out. Big spill hazard here. I suppose you could drill a small hole in the side of the nipple to allow air in.
Oh, and there is a bag of little nipples and a tube with no information on them. If you have an R3000 don’t bother trying to figure them out, they are for some other application.
It all came together eventually and ran in the printer with out a glitch.


Check out “How to use the new rectangular bottle” under the instructions tab of this page:

I, too, tried what you were doing with the nipple on the new style bottles.

I believe the little nipples are for priming the cartridges if they cannot be primed using the vacuum method. This can occur if a cart runs dry for some reason. But, on an R3000, you really don’t want to run a cart dry. Youl’ll have to run an ink charge cycle which uses a lot of ink to charge one line.

I’ll agree that instructions tend to be scattered about. I’m not sure if IJM is including paper instructions anymore, or if they have the instructions for using the nipples on the bottles. I do know they’re working on consolidating and organizing information.