Fine Art Printing Thoughts

Is it me or the more one learns about making fine art prints such as piezo prints, the more one learns that “printing” is a whole other subject.

One can can be a fantastic photographer taking great images in camera (step 1), then one must learn to post process properly (step 2), then discovering the finer points of making a fine art print (step 3).

A photographer must develop an eye for what makes a great fine art print even though that photographer might already have a great eye for taking photographs :slight_smile:

That is absolutely true: photographing, imaging, and printing all require different skills, and learning/time. Some people prefer to master one or two steps, and leave the rest up to someone who already knows (which is why we handle imaging and printing for many amazing photographers).

Warmly~ Dana :slight_smile:

Would it me a good idea to send you a file that I tweaked in post and printed, and then send you the file and order a print and compare?

Is there any articles out there that you know which speak on improving the aesthetics of a fine art print?

I have been looking for a good book in this topic to no avail…

I wish you could but we are not set up to do that type of advise. And sending a file to us is not the same as sitting with us to make proof after proof and work our way slowly to a print.

I do not really know of a book that teaches this aesthetic. A good workshop with a master. I think that if you are on the west coast you seek out Tyler Boley - a wonderful printmaker and teacher. You spend a day printing with him using Piezography and your images. There is no substitute for something like that. You will see how little changes here and there create powerful changes in the print. Subtlety is everything…

Thanks Jon.

any printmaster/ teachers in and around NYC that you know of?

Walker Blackwell works at Light Work in Syracuse NY, and is a fantastic printer that we have worked with several times. Tell him we recommended him to you :slight_smile: