Finding the GO 'curves' for QTRgui

I never print on gloss paper, just Han. PhotoRag 308. But my partner is painting over Piezo prints of her graphite tonal drawings, and the paper grabs the paint like a thirsty towel. So I airbrushed a sizing medium over the prints and it gives her a beautiful surface for applying color washes. Yay. But it got me thinking about the Gloss Opt. layer overprint. Maybe that will do the same thing. I want to try it.

I found instructions on the Piezo website for the second-time-through method for applying GO with my 3880/K7. But when I open QTRgui and look at the of available ‘curves’, I don’t see the expected GO30000 or anything that could be ‘GO’. Where do I find those, and how to install for QTR?


Oh, I see it now. The GO curve choices are under the printing curve dropdown mid-panel, NOT the choices top-right for printer.

I will leave this here in case anyone else searches with this question.

Testing shall commence!