Filter failure message and reinstalling curves

I am getting a recurring problem with printing thru Print-Tool on our 9900. It was printing fine for about a year and we started getting a “filter failure” message. Have tried resetting print system, but the error is still happening.

Next, I would like to delete and reinstall QTR and curves, but the link for How to Install and Delete QuadtoneRIP Curves - Piezography is not working.

Our system is:

  1. Mac mini, OS Mohave, connected to 9900 via USB
  2. Print-Tool 2.1
  3. QTR 2.7.9

First download and re-install quadtoneRIP.

Then go to your curve folder and run the correct install.command.


Thanks Walker for those steps. I was able to get printing again. The filter failure message seems to have come from sending a very large file to print - it was a drum scan that never got sized down for proofing. When we lowered the resolution to be 300dpi at the print size everything worked as expected.

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