Film grain in prints



I have just printed my first scanned film image. It was taken on Kodak E100G and scanned on an Imacon Flextight Photo. Printing at 11" square gives me a resolution of 620PPI. In looking at the print, I can see some grain in the areas of transition in bright sky. At 360PPI on colour this is not evident.

I’m not unhappy with the print, and you need to get up close to really see it. I’m wondering whether there is a way to smooth out the grain without losing other detail, or whether this is a matter of reducing resolution until it goes away.


Sounds like you may have over-resolved the film. Or you may have over sharpened during scanning. Sharpening can only sharpen film grain. So reduce the sharpening when you scan - or reduce the resolution. Let us know how it goes!


Got it! I went back to the original TIF which is very clean. The grain is being added by SEP. When I used to scan, I never sharpened on the scan. I always scanned as much as I could and adjusted in PS. I also used Astia or E100G as the two lowest grain films around at the time. The grain doesn’t show up on a 360 PPI print via Mirage, learning, learning…