Film & Drum Cleaner for Drum Scanners?

Does anyone have a source for film cleaners that won’t harm a drum scanner drum?


Don’t use the film cleaner on the drum, use it on the film.

Drum mounting fluid and drum cleaning fluid should be the only contact liquids on the drum.


I was advised by Aztek that their SMF mounting fluid can be used as a mild film cleaner. Film cleaner will cause damage to a scanner drum so like Walker mentioned, only use it on photographic film. Hope this helps!

Hey Walker! We used a film cleaner on the Hell 3400 there at the studio. It was safe for both film and drums (wouldn’t haze or harm the drums). I think it was from Anchor Chemical, called FilmKleen. Do you guys still use that, do you have a stock of it, can you still get it? It is the best and safest cleaning product for film and I loved it. Trying to find it. Thanks!! You guys stay safe!

Kami here since '09 or so far as the receipt records I have. I’ve used Kami since '03. But it’s aggressive . . .