Filled new 7900 cartridge with wrong colored ink!

OK, my bonehead move of the spring. For my 7900 I have a new vivid light magenta 350mm cartridge which I, in error, proceeded to fill for the first time with vivid magenta ink rather than vivid light magenta ink. Fortunately I realized immediately and did not install it into the printer. I had not yet primed the cartridge. I emptied the cartridge as best I could back into it’s bottle and replugged all the ports. Is there anything I can do to salvage the cartridge? Also, is the ink that I recovered from it still usable?
Thanks in advance,
Bonehead Fredrik

The ink is fine. Fill the cartridge with distilled water and let sit, then empty as best you can. (maybe do twice). This should be good enough to clean it before putting VLM in it.