Filled Lt Cyan with Regular Cyan - what to do?

Oops. It looks like I’ve put regular cyan ink in the light cyan cartridge. It’s run its way through the printer and my pictures have gotten darker and bluer. I pulled a drop of ink out of the cartridge with a syringe and drops of ink out of the cyan and light cyan bottles and put them on paper. The cartridge ink matched the regular cyan (Yes, I used clean syringes for each sample).

What should I do to get the printer working again? I’ve got another Light Cyan cartridge. Can I run an initial fill to purge the ink? Or should I print pages of only light cyan (what is the RGB number for light cyan)? Does it need to have cleaning solution run through it first?

Can I salvage the cartridge? If I drain it and clean it, can it go back to being a working Lt Cyan cartridge?

What printer model are you using? I see you bought ConeColor setups for a 4880 and R3000 printer model.

It’s an R3000

If you have another LC cartridge (empty?), then I recommend using your other cart with correct LC ink, then if the “oops” LC cart was filled with pure C ink (not refilled with C ink, so the contents are a mixture of C/LC), then you can attach a C chip to the cart containing C ink (write on it, so you know it’s C and not LC). After correcting the ink/cart placement in your printer, you can print purge sheets from the LC channel to get the C ink out and get it printing pure LC again. You can follow these instructions to print purge sheets using QuadTone RIP calibration mode (you’ll need to install QTR):

Thanks. That did the trick. It’s back to printing its regular colours.

Excellent, glad to hear! Happy printing :slight_smile: