Few piezography2 curves?

I was planning on getting into piezography2 so I wouldn’t have to switch my MK and PK all the time. I know several others who do this. They have the benefit of being able to profile the papers they want, so making a K6 profile is nothing to them.

I am leaning towards the Selenium, but there are few K6 profiles available. However, there’s a whole buffet of K7 profiles! Is IJM planning on developing K6 profiles for all the same papers they have K7 profiles, and include them with the QTR download (like the K7 profiles are)? If so, how long will I have to wait?

I don’t want to have to beg other piezographers for their SEL curves, and it would seem silly for me to have to pay IJM $99 US (over $130 Cdn now!) for a K6 curve just because I want to use their K6 instead of K7.


Not wishing to be a pedant, but what these anonymous other individuals are doing is not profiling papers, but relinearising curves. For an existing curve, they are using Roy Harrington’s relinearisation droplet and an i1 to straighten the curve (so to speak), and for a paper without a curve, they are taking the curve from a similar paper and relinearising it for the paper in question using the droplet. Sometimes a similar paper is hard to find, and so a range of possible curves have to be measured in order to find the best match.

The challenge for producing P2 curves c.f. K7 is that one K7 curve is produced for all five inksets, whereas separate P2 curves are produced for each of the five inksets, so it’s a more time consuming task. If a custom K7 curve is created, then the curve is labelled as being for that particular inkset, but so far, the general release K7 curves are generic.

I’ve queried Jon about additonal P2 curves in the past, and IIRC he indicated that they intended to broaden the set, but that other things had higher priority, top of the list being this 1430 digital negative system, I assume. There are a couple of surprising omissions from the P2 curves, such as EEM and IGFS. Probably Platine as well.

p.s. It would be useful to get an update on the state of plans for more P2 curves, once the 1430 digital negative system is out of the way.

Thanks for the clarification Brian. Because I’ve never profile a paper, relinearised, or even touched a measuring device, it’s a little hard to talk about such topics accurately! I am vaguely aware of the complexity producing curves for piezography. I agree that I found it surprising that EEM and IGFS were omitted. I would definitely want to make my mistakes on a cheaper paper, and I will probably have lots of paper to throw out. I don’t really want to throw out sheets and sheets of Hahnemuhle Photo Baryta… $$$$ ouch.

Oh well, if I do start with K7, it’s not so bad to convert to K6 when more curves are available.


Just FYI. IGFS went out of production for awhile because Ilford digital papers went bankrupt. (a few years ago) Alternatives that are frankly better took its place including: Canson Baryta, Hahnemuhle Fibre Silk, our own Type5, and many more.

Epson Enhanced Matte is now called Epson Ultra Premium Paper Matte (EUPPM). (a few years ago as well)

We have now hundreds of curves and many tens of printers that we support. The vast majority of users are doing K7 and now slowly K6 is getting there as the natural life-cycle of epson heads happens (aka, channels die) so stay tuned. There is a ton of things on our plate right now.


from the Epson website, rolls are called EEM, cut sheets are EUPPM. Neither is available in P2 from what I can find. I’d love to try the Epson Velvet Fine Art.

My printer should be coming this week, my spring break begins in 2 weeks. l’ d love to try some pig then.

Some if us who were monitoring Iflord’s troubles a few years ago bought up a stockpile of the stuff when it was clear that the latest bankruptcy was the last. It wasn’t out of production for all that long before production recommenced under new ownership. Enst Dinkla’s spectral analysis indicates that the latest production is the same. I like it, and it seems well regarded by plenty of others. But for Piezo, there is a higher than average level of bronzing. That said, it’s always been an IJM supported paper, and so TBH it was odd to see it left out of the P2 curves.

As discussed on this forum several times, the US name has changed several times, but in Europe and the Antipodes, it’s still sold as Epson Archival Matte, which is the US name from a decade ago. On some Epson printers you get multiple profiles installed, which are in effect identical, for those not familiar with the shenanigans of Epson Marketing. Despite all this, it’s still the same paper and seems to be used widely for certain things, and my previous comment about papers traditionally supported by IJM still applies.

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