Feed Problem with DN

Friends; I’m trying to print digital negatives with my 3880. I’ve followed the instructions to use the rear feed, jamming the micro switch to disable the star-wheels and and placing a piece of tape to ramp the guide tab on the front feed tray. After the normal amount to fiddling I’m printing a neg - problem is the film stops feeding just before the end - any thoughts on how to fix this - see attached scan showing the result of the problem. Thanks, MarkFoto (Mark Godfrey <mrgpix1@verizon.net>

Hey Mark. For PiezoDN questions, feel free to post on the private forum too:http://piezography.com/forums/

Because the front star rollers are up, it will not advance past .56 inches at the bottom. In Page setup you need to set the printer margins to 1 inch at the bottom (just like a roll printer) for safety’s sake. Use larger sheets of paper to get the neg size you need. This is the one compromise with printing with no star-wheels.


Walker - thanks for the incredibly quick response - good to know about the feed limitation with the star-wheels up, I’ll follow your advice. best, Mark