Fatal Error - How to Sell for Parts

My Epson 4900 has been a real workhorse for 4 years. I had not had the problems of other epson 4900 users that I saw online. I let it sit over the winter, and did a Piezoflush in April to use it again in May. The tests I ran resulted in clogs, and so I continued to do manuel cleanings for those heads that would not unclog. Then I got this message:
I imagine I have blown something. Now I am looking for help to sell the printer for parts. If anyone is out there please tell me:

  1. what exactly does that message mean?
  2. what is the best forum for selling the printer?

Thank you, Ruth

This is a problem with the connection to the print-head. There is either a short in the head or a miss-aligned ribbon cable contact going to the head. You haven’t taken the head out?


No I have not touched it. Is there a way to isolate the flaw?

I have checked the ribbon connections. There is a short in the head. Now what? I sell it for parts, right? You recommend ebay?

I understand that if a technician comes out it will cost $$, even if they just come to declare the machine useless. It’s been a great machine otherwise, but my time with it is done.