Faint ink marks on print with 3800

I’m getting a faint ink mark on 8x10s printed using the rear manual feed slot but not using the auto sheet feeder. The mark appears in the right corner of each print on the trailing edge - the right side as it comes out of the printer. It is approx. 1" from the top and 1/2" from the side and is perhaps 1/4" long. I’ve cleaned the printer as per “How to Professionally Clean Epson 3800 & 3880 Printers” but that didn’t solve the problem. Any suggestions about what I should try next?

Curl the paper away from the print-side on all 4 corners before printing the sheet.


I tried curling the paper away from the print side but it made things worse – I got stains on the two right hand corners. However, I curled the one corner towards the print side and got a clean print.

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