Fading orange ink

I’ve had difficulties with the orange ink since switching to Cone inks. In pursuit of a solution, I changed to the newer pump station, and also replaced the ink selector. Eventually I discovered that the orange pigment had settled to the bottom of the cartridge, leaving a near clear, yellow fluid at the top. I’ve now started agitating the orange cartridge at least once a day. This has brought about some improvement, but I still have trouble getting a saturated orange. It usually fades to a near yellow, after a couple of days, in spite of the agitation. Is it possible that the orange ink is part of a defective batch? Have others experienced this problem?


Can you please provide me with a lot# from the CCPRO Orange ink in question? I see you have recently purchased a 220ml bottle of this ink and it may contain the newest lot#140508, which has been tested and approved. The older lot#130430 did have concerns of separation and we had sent out emails to customers who may be currently using this lot# CCPRO-O ink. Please let me know the lot# and we will get you a replacement in the mail asap.
Thank you Kindly, Kelly

Thanks, Kelly. Both of the bottles I’ve used are from the #130430, and both have exhibited the problem. Thanks for your response.

I will have a new bottle of Orange ink sent out today, with a new cartridge, you can chase the ink out using Paired Power Cleaning Cycles, approximately 3-4 should get this new ink to the head. If you are still seeing density variations, you can do a couple of purge patterns through QTR Calibration Mode at 2880dpi, uni-directional to see the density of the Orange come back to full strength.