Expiring Chips Epson P600?

In the description of new chips on your new site I read something new to me:
“We offer spare chips at a reasonable cost so that you can either keep a chip on hand for each of your color positions, or simply make it a practice to replace the chip with a new one when your present one expires.”
Does that mean there is a limited use / time expiry / always risk of sudden death (of the chip) using those chips?
If so how old can they get before ‘dead’. Its easy enough to keep $100 worth of chips - but if not really a big issue its dead money after all.

Re-usable chips last 2.5 yrs of use +/-. It’s always good to have backups. These chips basically have tiny computers in them that are prone to shorting if the cart is not removed in the proper order (aka, after the ink bay switch has been pulled out to deactivate current to the carts).


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This topic interests me because I use a P600 printer. However, I am confused by the fact that IJM seems to offer only 8 chips for the P600, when the printer loads 9 cartridges. It seems that the Cyan cartridge is not listed. Can you clarify, Walker? Thanks.

Thanks for finding the website typo! I added the cyan chip back into the P600 chips category.