Experience minute flaking with Epson Hot Press Natural?

Anyone have anything to say about this paper ?

It’s 100% Rag, no OBAs, lignen-free etc.

However, I’ve noticed that I have to brush gently it before printing on it, since there seem to be tiny flecks of paper, or dust on it which can ruin a print, especially if they appear in areas of uniform tones.

High humidity, pre-brushing, etc. All of this helps. Check out the recent threads on the Epson Wide Format board at groups.io about this.


EHP is an AMAZING paper.

Thank you - I ask here since you guys test a lot of materials and don’t talk through your hats :cool:

I did an entire show on it recently and have plenty on hand. I just ordered a custom K7 profile for it… so you’ve put my mind at ease.