Excess ink placement using 1430

I recently purchased a resetter for my Epson 1430 because I was having continuous stoppages resulting from indications of low ink in the cartridges despite they’re being full. Following the resetter instructions I impaled each of the cartridges and reinserted them into the printer. All indications of low ink are gone and the printer works, BUT the printer now releases excessive ink when printing both with Quad1430-K6 and Quad1430-PiezoDN settings. Nozzle checks are normal. Any suggestions? Thanks, Joel …

When you say “impaled” what do you mean?


Aside from that, check your film type. You are using Ultra Premium OHP yes? It doesn’t not work with regular OHP . . . also test on a normal paper like hahenmuhle photo rag to test for bleed. Photos would help as well.


“Impaled” meant that I placed the cartridge on the the resetter, engaged the prongs and held it there until the light on the resettter changed back.
Yes, I am using Ultra Premium OHP
I just reprinted using Hahnemuhle Photo Rag using the Quad1430-K6 setting. Aside from being very very dark the resulting image looks sharp. I tried the Quad1430 setting and was surprised that the resulting image is pretty good.
I reran the PiezoDN using an unopened box of the UltraPremium OTP and got a much better negative. Until I print from it I will not know if it is any good.
Since I have been pleased with the results that I have been getting using the Quad 3800 setting, there is little reason for me to worry about the Quad1430 (K6), but the negatives are another issue. When I get to do some printing I will then know if all is well.