Excel 16.16.6 conflict with PPE 2.1.0?

Recently updated Excel to v 16.16.6. Seemed everything was okay - then…

When I paste measurement data or starting curve (9880 PiezoDN stock curve) and scroll down to check data it ends early in LK. Home view, there is a curve shown, but when I go to New Curve the data ends at the same line in LK then a few zeros then #VALUE through LLK. I checked quads made yesterday and this morning. They are complete. The problem just came up. Reloaded PPEv2, shut down, restart, checked clipboard (full data set present), dragged data box down to reveal any hidden numbers and there are some but they are not from my data paste.

Am completing a large new set of 256 target based curves and am stuck.

FYI: This should really be asked over at forums.piezography.com but I’ll reply here for now.

All working here.

Did you remember to clear contents and click on the A1 cell before pasting?

see video:


Yes to both and just double checked by repeating.

I didn’t think file name length for Colorport reads mattered, only quad name length. But it does! I just shortened the file and the full data set in Sublime pasted. This must all be Microsoft based stuff, the AR little sh#!s.

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