Espon WF-4630 Clogging

My office has an Espon Workforce Pro WF - 4630 Model- C511A, that is having trouble with magenta. We have ran close to 20 printer head cleanings and the results start to get better and then get worse… Our model has the ink stationary and separate from the print head. I have tried Windex soaked paper towels under the print head as well which did not help. We have been using 3rd party refill ink and cartridge chips since before I started, so we are considering replacing the Magenta cartridge, but I found a video saying I could fill the cartridge with Piezo Flush and run about 50 sheets to try and clear any blockages.

Just looking for some direction on what to do next without wasting money.

Here’s a link to some Nozzel Checks we ran this-morning Imgur: The magic of the Internet