Espon 9900 with ConeColor pigment ink cleaning heads a lot

This printer is cleaning itself between nearly every printing and even after that often leaving a message saying it has detected clogged heads and recommends cleaning.

The images look fine.

Any idea what’s up?


You can disable auto cleaning and auto nozzle checks in the printer menu if you wish, then print and visually inspect manual nozzle checks before printing images.

Best regards and happy printing~ Dana :slight_smile:

My only concern here is why the printer thinks its heads need cleaning. Does this indicate something I should be concerned about?

If nozzle check indicates no nozzle gaps can I assume everything is hunky-dory?



The sensors can be wrong and tell you nozzles are clogged when they’re not. If all nozzles are printing on your manual nozzle check, then all’s good :slight_smile: