Error with new 4800 Magenta chips


I recently bought Magenta and Lt. Magenta chips for the Epson 4800 I recently acquired.
I bought it used to use a custom black ink set in it. I also have an Epson 4880 that I use for color printing.

For a trial run, my plan was to take a set of empty cartridges from my Epson 4880, which other than the magenta pair uses the same cartridges.
And clean and refill them with the new inks. Since I only had the 4880 magentas I bought the 4800 magenta and lt. magenta chips from you, and swapped them onto the 4880 magenta carts.
Unfortunately after doing this I received the invalid ink error on the magenta cartridges.

Over the weekend, I was was able to borrow a pair of the correct 4800 magenta cartridges the T606B and T606C.
The printer is perfectly happy with these cartridges. I then swapped the carts with the new chips into the printer and the error comes back.
Unfortunately I don’t have set of the old cartridges, the T5653 T5656 to verify that I can use those with the current epson T606x for the 4800.

The product pages specifically mention that your chips can be used to replace dead OEM chips. I read that as being able to work alongside other current OEM chips with the new part numbers.

Any advise would be appreciated.


T565x chips (from us) will work not the Epson 4800 yes. These chips work on refillable cartridges and Epson OEM cartridges.

Vivid Magenta and Vivid Light Magenta (T6xx) chips (for the 4880) will not work on the the 4800.


I’m confused then

T565x chips (from us) will work not the Epson 4800 yes

Then why are those what I was shipped when I ordered chips for the 4800. The packages I recieved were T5653 and T5656.

Yes, I know the Vivid Magentas do not work on the 4800, this is the whole reason I ordered the 4800 chips from you.

<edit> It looks like Epson OEM chips have updated their nomenclature for 4800 series to 606C and B. You are correct!

LM (third party) should be T5656 and M should be T5653 and should work on the 4800. You have verified they are in the right position on your printer and that they are secured properly to the cartridge?

Here is video instructions on chip replacement just for reference: - Replacing chips on Epson 4000 7600 9600 Refillable Cartridges - YouTube

Did you reset these chips before placing in the printer to ensure they reset (to green)?

If none of this works, we can send out replacement chips asap, but please verify that the two chips are on the proper carts and properly placed in your cartridges.


Yes, the chips are secure. They were fitted as shown in the video.
If I install the cartridges in the printer without the chips, it gives the No Ink Installed error instead.
I installed the chips one at a time, after checking the part number on the envelope.
When I received the error I removed the Lt. Magenta, put it back in the envelope and tried the magenta chip on the lt. magenta just to confirm. Still showed invalid ink.

I did not reset them, I have a different brand of resetter and didn’t want to mess up your chips.


!!! It’s very very important never to put ink cartridges in the printer without a chip. The small wire springs on the chip sensor circuit inside of the printer will catch on the cartridge itself.

At this point you need to pull your cartridges and look into the printer to see if any of the sensor wires (that connect to the chip) are bent.

If your resetter is for the 4800 chips feel free to use it to verify the reset goes well. This may fix the problem.

Regardless, we’ll get replacement chips out to you, but please check to see if your wires are bent.


The wires are fine, I was aware of the potential issue on that front.
I cut a piece of plastic to match the size of the chip as a filler, before inserting the cartridge.

I’ll give the resetter a go later tonight when I’m near the printer.