Error Message: 10000010 on Epson R3000 when carrying out Ink Charge using Adjustment Program ( Piezo Flush R

While using the Epson R3000 (ECC) Ver.1.0.1 Adjustment Service Program to carry out and Ink Charge I get the message:

Communication error!: 10000010

It will not carry out the Ink Charge

I have a recently refurbished Epson R3000 printer which I have previously used for printing using Epson inks. I am attempting to install Piezography 2/Piezo DN inks for printing digital negatives. As per Piezography’s instructions I am attempting to flush out any remaining Epson ink in the printer before installing the Piezography Inks.

As per instructions, I have successfully loaded each of the 9 empty R3000 Piezography cartridges with 30 ml of Piezo Flush and have loaded it into my printer. I have also successfully removed the ink cartridge cover and placed the two Ink Cover Switches (provided by Piezography) into the appropriate slots. The printer shows that the cartridges are all full and ready to print.

I downloaded Epson R3000 (ECC) Ver.1.0.1 Adjustment Service Program from I copied the unzipped folder R3000_nowaste to my desktop and clicked on the AdjProg.exe file which opens the program. I dont now how to carry out installation if that is necessary.

It opens the Epson Adjustment Program. Then following Piezography’s instructions I clicked on window: Particular Adjustment Mode. Then on next page I selected Maintenance: Ink Charge. Then on following Ink Charge page I selected Ink Charge. I receive the message:

Communication error!: 10000010

What is causing this error message? Any possible solutions. I don’t normally use this PC laptop to print. I generally use Mac but this program is PC only. Perhaps it has some communication or software problem; however, I previously successfully wirelessly printed a page from the PC and old Epson inks before installing the Piezography cartridges and Piezo Flush. So dont elieve its wifi problem.

I wrote to but they have not responded and I do not believe that they will. I would greatly appreciate if anyone could help. I am trying to get system up and running asap as I am trying to print a print for exhibition. I wonder if anyone has had similar problem and might the solution.


  1. Make sure you install the Epson R3000 driver.
  2. Make sure that you have the printer plugged in by USB and that it appears in your Printers and Devices. Print a test sheet to ensure it’s working.
  3. Make sure all of your cartridges are showing more than half full (this is important).
  4. With the printer connected and the driver installed and the printer in your devices & printers, open the exe and run the command.


Thank you for your reply. I already tried all the things you listed.

As i stated in previous message i already installed printer driver and printed test successfully before trying to do Ink Charge with Epson Adjustment Program.

The printer shows that all the cartridges are full. I open the AdjProg.exe file and try and attempt Ink Charge but get error message:

“Communication error! Error Code: 20000010”

I am connected through wifi rather than usb but the printer does not seems to want to connect via usb but connects and prints easily through wifi.

Any other suggestions?


This will only work through USB. Delete the Wifi printer, connect through USB (try a new cable) and make sure the printer in Devices & Printers is the one using ISB.


Dear Walker

Thanks for your reply. It’s an older pc im using as the Adjustment Program only works for PC and normally use Mac. Id previously got it to connect with wifi but had trouble getting it to connect to direct link through usb as computer wouldnt recognize it.It didnt want to accept usb connection finally got it to connect with usb b port on back aftwr various attempts.

When itwas finally connected via usb connection the previous “communication error” message thankfully went away and began to do ink charge but stalled afterwards at first printer paised ink charge while attempting to do cleaning it didnt seem to use any fluid. On subsequent attempts although the printer initially accepted the piezography ink cartridges after i initiated the ink charge I got an “ink out error message”.

What do you think is the problem now? While previously attempting to get adjustment program to work i changed several times between the epson ink cartridges and piezography caryridges with piezo flush (although they never seem to have released any fluid). Do you think there is a problem now with chips on piezography cartridges? The printer accepts them though until i start the ink charge in adjustment program.

Any thoughts?


As I said above, the ink carts/chips need to be reading full or nearly full in order for the initial fill to work. Your first init-fill command brought down the ink levels in the chips.

On this printer, initial fill is only able to be done on new chips and then only once. Then those chips can be printed with until they reset to full.


So do I need to replace the chips on the Piezography cartridges before attempting to carry out the Ink Charge with the Adjustment Program again?

The Ink Charge was never carried out as it cancelled 1st from “communication error” and printer remained inactive. After computer was connected to printer via USB and I attempted again to run Ink Charge through Adjustment Program again the action started in program but then cancelled few seconds later as to start printer attempted to do a cleaning and then stalled before carrying out the Ink Charge. A print or flush was never carried out with the Piezography cartridges only test prints with initial Epson ink cartridges.

The Piezography Cartridges still read as full until I try and run the Ink Charge through the Adjustment Program then I get the “ink out error” on computer and the cartridges show as empty or incorrect on printer; however, if I remove the Piezography Ink Cover Switch from the printer and reinsert it the slot the cartridges read as full again.

Will replacing the chip on the Piezography cartridges with Piezo Flush fix this problem?

I want to make sure this will solve the problem before spending money on a new set of chips. In these attempts did any of the Piezo Flush liquid load? It doesn’t seem to have but its hard to tell. Do I have to clean of printer heads before trying again. If I only get one channce to do Ink Charge with set of chips I don’t want something else to cause error message and once again make the new chips inactive.

I would appreciate your feedback.



I think something else is going funky with your printer / chips / flush cycle.

What you need to do is 5 cleanings in a row (this will simulate the initial fill).


How do I do this? Just do a Head Cleaning or nozzle check on the printer? Should I take the Pieography Cartridges with Piezo Flush out and put the Epson cartridges back in when I do the cleaning?



The whole purpose is to get PiezoFlush through the head so keep them in and run normal cleanings from the printer.