Error 1404 in second hand Epson 3800

I recently bought an “In Perfect Condition” Epson 3800 on Ebay. I am getting an error message, Error 1404, which Epson says is probably due to the fact that the ink cartridges are old and that I should buy some new ones. Since my goal is to turn the printer into a Piezography/Dig Neg printer I don’t plan to do this. I have ordered a set of cartridges and Piezo Flush to try to resolve the Error, at least to the point that I can see what is going on. (With the error message you can not do ANY checks of inks, or other menu items.)

There are several references to Error 1404 on this site, which gives me the hope that fresh cartridges will solve my problem. I will try as soon as they arrive. In the mean time, since I have never dealt with the mechanical aspects of my printers, I’d appreciate any words of wisdom that will help me avoid really screwing things up. There is so much to read on this site, and sometime I’m not sure which is the correct rabbit hole to explore.
Thanks, all.

Jeannie Hutchins (who didn’t even know that ink carts had chips!)

My guess is that your new set of refillable carts may clear this error, assuming none of them leak. It appears that 1404 is shown when one or more carts. won’t achieve or hold pressure as required. As an aside, you’ll probably want TWO sets of those carts—one for PF, one for ink. I’ve been dealing with 3800 / 3880 printers for about nine years, and that would be my preference.

Thanks for your feedback. As soon as I know the printer is working I’ll order a set of Piezo inks/cartridges. Can’t wait!