Ergosoft Studioprint V12 weird com error

I recently had to reload my Studioprint software which was previously working. Now I can print for about 30 seconds (1/2") and I get an error message telling me "an unexpected come error occurred stop printing? It doesn’t matter whether you tell it to stop or not, the printer will stall out about 30 seconds later. Everything was working fine previously making 4’x6’ prints.

System pings Roland FJ 600 and communication is taking place because it prints for 60 seconds, then stalls. I’ve removed the port in the registry and reinstalled it a half dozen times with the same result. Any ideas?

What version of Windows are you using? I always had best luck with XP and v12. Vista and later just made it wonky . . .

XP has recently updated because of the CIA leaked malware. So that may have killed v12.

best bet is to download VMware and run StudioPrint on a mac in an XP virtual machine.

It’s pretty easy to just copy over your esrip folder with all it’s settings to the new virtual machine. You will see all your environment there, etc.


I have a dedicated XP system which is, basically, an industrial
controller for the Roland, air gapped, and never connected to the
internet. I should also mention that I can print small files, under 100
megs. It’s just the larger files, 300-400 megs, and larger that only
print for 60 seconds then stall. These large files, up to two gigs in
size, previously printed just fine.

Thanks, Grant

This may be a scratch disk or cache file that you need to clear.

SP creates a ton of rip files that don’t always delete.


That’s exactly what it feels like, but I’ve done everything I know how
to do, without further direction. Is there anyplace you know of that I
can look?


To tell you the truth, it’s been a very long time since I’ve done the procedure.

I suggest posting on the studioprint forum (I also moderate that forum). Other’s may have a much better knowledge on it there than I.


Will do, thanks for your input.

Best, Grant