Epson x900 vs older x800 series

I understand that the x800 printers are highly recommended over the newer epson x900 series of printers due to the x900’s lack of high power cleaning.

I understand that without high power cleaning clogs can be impossible to remove.

but do the older x800 experience less clogs frequently, or is the advantage of the x800 printers is when a clog is discovered it can be removed easily through a high powered cleaning?

We recommend the x800 and x880 printer models over the x900 and x890 for several reasons, such as: 1. the newer models seem to have more issues with clogging and flow troubles, 2. the newer models aren’t as easy for the user to manually clean and maintain, 3. the newer models don’t have the same cleaning functions as older models, and the ones that do have “power clean” option, it’s not as “powerful” compared to previous models.

I have spoke with some x900 and x890 users who have had good results with their printers, but most have reported frequent clogging/flow issues, as well as total drop out of an entire channel. Our experience is that our 7900 needed a lot of new parts right out of the box, but has been working well since- but our 4900 died (pump and/or head?) while I was learning about it (as well as doing many other things, so I wasn’t focused only on the 4900), and unfortunately was literally just a few days after the warranty expired… Many people who only ever used Epson inks contact us with clogged printers, looking for help unclogging them, as their warranty has expired (and they didn’t get the extended warranty). We have helped quite a few of these people get their printers working well again with our PiezoFlush solution, but sometimes it’s a strange mechanical issue or bad head that PiezoFlush can’t help with. If you have or buy a x900 or x890 printer, we strongly recommend getting the extended warranty, as you will likely need it.

~Dana :slight_smile:

thank you dana.

is workflow exactly the same on 4880 and 4900?

software driver?

are ink carts the same?

print speed the same?

might have to hit ebay.

Printing or maintenance workflows?

The 4880 and 4900 use different cartridges and Piezography curves in QuadTone RIP, though the same workflow is used to print Piezography no matter what printer model you’re using (just make sure to select the correct printer model and paper curve). I would say, but print beautifully and with the tight QTR dither pattern, I don’t think there’s much difference in print quality. Since our 4900 died a few months ago, I can’t check anything now, but going from memory I do remember it seemed to take longer to process and start a job with the 4900. There is a big difference in the ability for the user to clean and maintain the machines, with the 4880 being MUCH easier and more user friendly. If you buy used, no matter what model- make sure to get a recent printed nozzle check and test print, and ask about the service and use history to get a good idea of the history and condition of the machine before purchasing.

Best regards~ Dana :slight_smile:

do you recommend the 4800?

The 4880 is good, but older- so really check the history and condition of the printer before buying.