Epson TFP Versus MicroPiezo AMC

After much work and a lot of time spent, I have come to the conclusion I must replace my Epson 7890. There are just too many issues with it. Many Thanks to Ink Jet Mall tech guys for their help.

I have pretty much settled on the Epson 3880 as a replacement. My question is which head set is the better one to avoid the problems with the 7890 I see both TFP heads which was the failed set in the 7890, and the Advanced MicroPiezo AMC. Some decriptions say the AMC heads have ink repellant technology.

The printer will be used several days in a row, and then be idle from 1 to 3 weeks, on a continuous basis.

Before I invest in a new printer, I would appreciate any support I can find so as to not repeat old errors


I certainly recommend the 3880 printer model, and have had excellent results with ours for several years, both printing a lot and sitting unused for periods of time. I feel the 3880 heads are much better than the newer heads used in the 7890 models.

Best regards and happy printing~ Dana :slight_smile: