Epson T7270 vs 9900

We are looking at sidelining our Epson 9900 for an Epson T7270. The 9900 is starting to have head issues, since our printing load is significantly more vector graphics than photo… it may make sense to migrate to a much newer machine for graphics use. We may be able to keep the 9900 running for photo jobs only and have really enjoyed the ConeColorPro HD Pigment Inks.

I am just looking for any thoughts or experiences with the T32/52/7270 line. I would think CMY/MK/PK may be a little simpler to maintain, but it looks like a similar 10 channel head. [2 channels for each CMY/MK/PK]

Once this unit ages out of warranty coverage, interested in Cone Color Inks if/when available.

Typically we loose the head on the 9900 every 12-14 months. The 9900 came to us used and has run quite well for several years. Head service is about $2000-2500 depending on any other parts we decide to have serviced. i.e. cap, selector, squeegee, dampers. The T7270 currently has an instant rebate making is $3595 [US] MAPP.

Since I have no experience with the CMYK lineup, looking for any advice from Jon, Wells, and the community.