Epson SureColor P9000 Margin/Centering Issue with MacOS Ventura

I’m setting up a brand new Epson SureColor P9000 Standard (LLK) edition printer connected to a new M2 Mac Mini running MacOS Ventura (13.4). I am using the latest Epson P9000 driver (vers. 12.62) and have updated the printer firmware to the latest (vers. LW008N5).

I am running into a problem with the dreaded margin settings for the printer when working with roll papers. Unfortunately, the printer will not center prints and is acting as though the image extends beyond the specified paper size and is cropping images on one side. When I’ve encountered this in the past, I’ve always found a solution by adjusting the margins in the Print Settings dialog → Custom Paper size (.25 inches on each side has worked well for me) and turning on “Scale to fit paper size” in the Paper Handling portion of Print Settings → Paper Handling. However, when I turn on the the “Scale to fit paper size” option, it does not seem to stay selected and/or does not prevent the cropping/margin issue.

Has anyone else encountered this problem with the newest Epson driver and MacOS Ventura? This printer is located in an University photo lab and the printer was connected to another iMac running MacOS Big Sur (12.X) without issues. Unfortunately, it was time to update all of the machines connected to the printers and thus, we’re onto this problem. Rolling back the OS is not an option on these computers.

Curious if there is anything I should try beyond trying to hunt down a previous version of the Epson driver and if there are any settings that need to be checked/unchecked to prevent this issue.

Thank you!

hmm . . .well ventura does not save settings yet (it’s a bug) so there’s that.

You can change the P9000 margin settings in the maintenance menu though I think.

Epson service manual is available at epson wide format group in the files section when you are a member: