Epson SureColor P8000 auto-cleaning every hour or so

I have my Epson surecolor p8000 timer cleaning schedule set for 30 hours.
However, I hear it cleaning (at least I think that is what the noise is) every hour or so. The noise is a sort of repetitive da-da-da-da-da that lasts about a second or two.
Hoping this is not too far off topic. If anyone has any experience with this kind of issue I’d be grateful for your suggestions.

You can turn this off on the printer’s control panel. It is talked about in the user guide too.


Hi, the issue is that when the auto-clean function is turned off, I still hear the auto-cleaning sound every hour or more frequently.

I’m pretty sure the sound you are hearing is not head cleaning. A head clean operation takes much longer than 2 seconds. Your description (“da-da-da-da-da that lasts about a second or two”) would suggest it is the pressure pump. It’s usually not something to worry about unless you are having other issues as well that could signal air leakage in the system.