Epson surecolor P800-mainboard

good morning, can someone tell me if the SC P800 is the same as the SC P808, I would like to exchange the mainboard which has the same code CE22MAIN, thank

you are correct! Same exact printer just a different main board.

warm regards

grazie, gentilissimo.

thanks, if you have time could you tell me what the difference is, I couldn’t find a comparison, but it’s not important and I don’t want to waste your precious time

therefore it is not possible to mount the Epson SC P808 motherboard on the SC P800. I don’t understand where the difference is. Someone can help me. Thank you

I’m sure the only difference is the motherboard. I see no reason why an 808 won’t work in the 800.

We put Chinese motherboards on the P9000s and turn them into P9080s regularly.


Thanks, so you think I can replace my P800 with a Chinese P808, am I right?

you can


thanks, I buy one and try it, one thing then the adjustment program must be used.

Thanks Walker, I can’t find any mainboard for P800/P808, do you have a Chinese link where I can make purchase, I would be very grateful.