Epson SureColor p600 for sale $700

I purchased an Epson SureColor p600 Inkjet printer in July 2020 from Amazon and, unfortunately, never used it. It’s still in the original packaging from when it was delivered to me. I believe it comes with the ink cartridges as well, though I’d have to open up the box to check. Please let me know if you’re interested. I’m happy to answer any questions. I live in Vermont. Thank you.

Well that is interesting! I gave up on finding a P600, was wondering what to get to replace my awful R2000.

The Epson website says

SureColor P600 – OverviewProfessional Imaging
Nine 25.9 mL High-Capacity
Ink Cartridges
(nine 25.9 mL initial ink cartridges included)

Unfortunately that is 14ml, which is not compatible with the R2000 carts, SAME INKS, of which I have a lot on hand.

I will think about this and post back soon to let you know if I can buy this from you. Someone else may beat me to it, but if so, that’s OK, too.

Thanks for reaching out. Let me know if you do decide you are interested and if you have any questions!

So where in VT, approx.? I’m just north of NYC, picking it up is possible but also I wonder if you have estimated UPS cost.

Also, I’m wondering how to do a safe transaction.

I live in central Vermont. Actually I will physically be in Delanson, New York this weekend if you wanted to meet in person somewhere I can bring the printer with me. I have Venmo and would accept that if that works for you.

That sounds promising. If I drive up to pick up from you I can hand you cash, no fee to Venmo. I just set it up yesterday because a client wanted to pay me that way. Venmo hit me for transaction (business account).

So you know who you are dealing with, this is me:

WOW, absolutely incredible work! Thank you for sharing. I have no formal website, art is my hobby, but I post photos of my art work on Instagram @jessmooreart for more info about me. Feel free to email me and we can coordinate a place and time to meet this weekend.