Epson SureColor P10000 PK problem

I have an Epson SureColor P10000 that was working fine up until about a week ago when the PK channel suddenly stopped printing consistently. When running a nozzle check, PK prints partially or not at all, and MK comes back clean. Running a print with photo black produces severe banding, and prints using matte black come back with streaking similar to that of ink starvation.

I ran a nozzle check and PK was completely blank. After running a power cleaning on PK/MK, both come back with a filled nozzle check pattern however there is no improvement when sending actual prints through. I ran a test print using PK by sending just a black square to be printed, which printed fine for the first inch of the print and then turned into banding/only gray ink for the remainder of the page. I ran a nozzle check and PK was blank again.

Is this a pump issue? Any help would be wonderful!

Hey Rebecca,

hmm, actually these printers have live PK/MK ink nozzles (different channels). This feels like a bad damper to me so you probably need to replace that first. Otherwise it’s going to be a bad pump/cap + bad head.

Thank you, Walker! We’ll try replacing the damper first.

Appreciate the help!

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Anything for the homies in production.