Epson Stylus R3000 non recognition of Cyan cartridge

I have just completed my maintenance on my Epson R3000.
I am using ConeColor Pro K3 inks in Inkjet Mall refillable cartridges.
I am about to start printing display prints and removed and refilled all the cartridges.
Before reloading the cartridges I cleaned all the Chips using 90% alcohol on a clean swab.l
My printer does not recognize the refilled Cyan cartridge.
I have removed the offending cartridge a few times and cleaned the chip again.
No luck, the printer does not recognize the cartridge.
On examination the chip appears pristine and is firmly attached to the cartridge.
My search revealed a similar query on the forum but I was unable to access any solution.

Did you remove the ink cover switch before removing the cartridge? If not it could have easily shorted the chip.


Hi Walker,
I have no idea what or where the ink cover switch is!
Evert time I do a head clean or an cart refill I follow on line Video the have never come across a mention of this item.
I am 78 years old and maybe having a geriatric moment?

Sorry for the late reply. So if this is a new style (extra large) cart, than the ink switch is needed. But if you have had these carts for a bit you probably have the 30mL small carts, yes? Do they look about the same size as the epson carts?

If that is the case then it could be a normal chip going. They last a few yrs and we always recommend having backups in place for this reason. We sell them individually here:

best regards,

Hi Walker,

Thanks for your prompt reply, I was on-line to you at midnight South African time!!!

Yes, these cartridges were bought from you in 2015 and are the 30ml version, they are in excellent condition and have not been used excessively.

Problem is ,I am located in Cape Town South Africa and the courier cost will be 10 times the purchase price.

Can they be sent airmail directly to my home address. May be problem with customs, although there is no duty applicable there is a VAT payment of 15% due.



give us a call and Wells can make sure it goes by the proper postage when you order it.


Hi Walker,

Just want to confirm that I have interpreted the screen message correctly.

A error message is displayed on the printer screen “ Cannot recognize the following cartridge(s) Try installing them again”.

Only the Cyan cartridge has a black cross on a red background above the uppercase letter C.

No other cart codes are displayed and there is no indication of the other carts having been recognized.

Am I correct in assuming that all cart connections have been tested and ONLY the Cyan is not recognized?

Just for your info, in Cape Town Epson has a zero tolerance with regard to the use of alternative media.

Leaves alternative uses out on a limb!

I apologize foe ant inconvenience.

Nigel Cornfield

Yes. Only the Cyan is the problem here.


That is fantastic, thank you very much.