Epson Stylus Pro 9900 lost all the colors

Hey, guys!

I have an issue with my Epson 9900

It used to print the nozzle check perfectly, only sometimes green was missing a few lines, and pair clean always helped. However, a couple of days ago, something weird happened, and after the pair cleaned (G/Og), all the colours disappeared except cyan. I did a few cleaning cycles, and then power cleaned. Nothing helped, so I did service clean manually (followed these instructions: How to Professionally Clean Epson 7890, 9890, 7900 & 9900 printers - YouTube), it didn’t help, and even cyan has disappeared. So, now the nozzle check appears almost blank on the paper, sometimes just a tiny bit of grey. And sometimes almost a full square of green. I’ve noticed a lot of air among the inc in the transparent pipes. Not sure if that’s normal.

Did anyone had a similar issue in the past?
Please share your thoughts.

Best regards,

please post a photo of your ink lines so I can see the air

Most like it’s air and you need to put full and primed carts in there and run an initial fill to get everything back to normal