Epson Stylus Pro 7900 refillable cartridge won't click in



I have two cartridge positions on my 7900 that would not accept InkJet Mall refillable cartridges - they would not click into place. I tried the “shim” method mentioned elsewhere on the web site, but that did not solve the problem. I then tried to “adjust the thin metal arm” on the printer as described in another post, and, after some effort, was able to get one of the two cartridges to work. (I did not think this was an easy to perform “fix”, and I am certainly skeptical if gently bending a metal arm is a good long term solution.) Unfortunately, I still have one cartridge position that refuses to accept any of the refillable cartridges I have from the InkJet Mall store. (I’ve tried 6 different cartridges so far.) Epson cartridges click in just fine. I am trying to load all of my cartridge positions with PietzoFlush solution because I will be away from the printer for awhile. Any suggestions on what to try next?


Hi phototex~

After reviewing your order history, I see you purchased three sets of the old internal bag style 7900 carts in June 2013.
What color position are you having a hard time getting the flush cartridge to lock into the printer? Have you tried the other two carts of this color position, from the other two sets of carts you purchased?
Please check the bottom front of the cartridge that’s giving you a hard time. The bottom/front area has a triangular shaped channel, which is where the metal arm connects and locks with the cart.

Let me know, thanks~ Dana



I have tried all of my 3 Light Black cartridges. I have also tried some of the other cartridges (other colors). None of them will click into place. If there is a new style of cartridge I would like to try it and see if it works. Please let me know.



Thanks for the update. So, no refill carts will lock into your printer’s LK position, but the same refill carts will lock into [U]other[/U] positions in your printer, and the Epson cart locks into the LK channel with no problem? This makes me think something with the LK channel of your printer and the refill carts aren’t working well together for some reason…
You can certainly try a different cartridge design, to see if our current non-bag carts fit better in your printer. You can find the latest 7900 refill carts here:


I ordered an LK cartridge and will report back.


Ok, please do keep me posted.

Thanks~ Dana


After multiple tries, the new LK cartridge inserted correctly and was recognized by the 7900. I filled the cartridge with PiezoFlush and did an initial fill, followed by a couple of nozzle check prints. Everything appears to be ok.

(On an aside note, I tried again to install one of the older LK cartridges after the new one was recognized by the 7900. After a couple of tries, the old cartridge inserted and latched into place correctly, but the 7900 did not recognize it for some reason. I tried resetting the chip on the old cartridge, but that did not fix the recognition problem.)


Thanks for the update, I’m glad to hear the new non-bag style cart installed and seems to be working well in your printer.