Epson Stylus Pro 7900 Print Head or Clog

I have exhausted my options with trying to fix this issue I am having. Nothing is working. I cleaned the heads as instructed in the videos from Inkjet Mall and all the steps that Epson has suggested in the manual. My next step is the cartridge flush which I have already ordered but…I am wondering if that is indeed my issue.

I am attaching a picture of what I have going on. Not sure if the heads are bad or just seriously clogged. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Thank you,

This is a delaminated print head in its early stages. It is not recoverable. Sorry for the bad news. It’s a common issue with this printer model.


Ugh…I was afraid of that. Thank you very much for the info. Guess my next step is to shop for a new printer =(

I was just starting to diagnose the same issue on my 7900. On the upside this thread saved me a bit of time. But the downside is quite steep. It looks like there will be two people shopping for new printers. Sorry for your loss.

Yikes, sorry =( Glad you didn’t waste as much time trying to resolve it as I did.