Epson Stylus Pro 4000 LOWER L INK LVR

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Our Plotter Epson Stylus Pro 4000, generates a Message “LOWER L INK LVR”, when turning on it appears “Wait” it tries to start but, it remains paralyzed and this message appears. Attached image.

What steps should I take to have the machine active?

Very grateful for such excellent ATTENTION, PROFESSIONALISM.

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I believe it means that the lever on the left needs to be lowered

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What Keith said.

If you lower the left lever (and also make sure the right lever is also lowered) and it still says this, it means your leaf switch sensor on the left is broken. But most likely it’s just that the lever is up . …


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Goodnight. Thank you very much for your good attention

Goodnight. Walker. Tomorrow we do the tests and I keep you posted.

The Professional Level, Goodness of all your team, has allowed us to have the machines in optimal conditions.

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Good night my dear. I did the steps as is, but the error keeps appearing !!!

Good night. I did the steps as is, but the error keeps appearing.