Epson Stylus Pro 3880 Firmware update question

I have two of these printers both set with refillable carts (NON OEM CARTS).

There is a Network Firmware update from Epson that came out Aug 31 2018. I haven’t updated to this firmware as of yet.

My question is has anyone using NON OEM carts in this model updated to the new firmware and did the firmware effect the NON OEM carts?

I have heard updating to new firmware can effect certain Epson printers from working with refillable carts. Meaning they won’t be recognized by the printer after the update has been applied.

Thanks in advance!

Because the control chip simply passes the OEM chip data to the printer, I doubt this would effect printing with the refillable systems. I bet the update is more to do with newer USB-C devices that are connecting to the printer and less with nefarious user lockouts (that epson certainly loves to do with their newer printers).


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