Epson Stylus Pro 3800, PZ-Pro Loaded, Los Angeles

For sale: Epson Stylus Pro 3800 with Cone PZ-Pro ink set installed. $200.

It has a couple of missing nozzles on the yellow channel. We tried and tried, but were never able to clear them. But as you probably know, you can still use the black and white ink sets without the yellow channel. And even with the couple of missing nozzles, it looked fine to us even when making color prints for non-hyper-critical purposes.

Front tray latches do not catch, so if you want the tray closed, you need to tape it shut. That’s what we’ve been doing for years now.

We are selling because we got a much newer printer.

Expect to do your standard maintenance and possible cleaning upon receipt. The last time we did any test patterns, cleaning cycles, or prints was about a month ago.



Bumping this to the top. Still available. Make us an offer.