Epson SP 4900 Home Side (Right) Colors All Missing (MK, VM, LK, C)?

I just installed the Cone system and everything was printing fine. It seemed like there was a bit of piezo flush left in the lines/head so I did another “Initial Fill” cycle and when I went to do a nozzle check The four colors on the right side were completely missing on the nozzle check print. I’m puzzled. Is there something wrong with the ink delivery system on the right side (Home Side)? I rebooted printer. nothing. Then left the printer unplugged all weekend. I turned on this morning and tried again. Still no printing whatsoever from right 4 cartridges.

George, try priming the carts

Let us know if that works and then you may need to use the INITIAL FILL one last time!


Ok I feel dumb. I never took the orange cap off the carts. They were vacuumed pretty good when I popped it off. I primed, filled and away we go. Basically I was suffocating the printer lol. Thanks for the help John!

glad you are up and running!

I bought a used 4900 and used PiezoFlush to purge and clean/store. After a couple years I nozzle checked and needed to do a couple cleanings but got good patter with PF and then installed IJM carts with Cone inks.
Frustratingly I have not the best pattern on home side and no pattern shows on the Full (L) side despite multiple ini charges on L and a couple on R (or together) with utility program, and several cleanings.
Air (orange) plugs are removed and tanks were all primed. The ink lines across the front of the machine all look full of ink except the bottom (I assume air). The LCD reads the Left side carts as somewhat down from initial reading indicating it recognizes ink supply change.
Also did a Dana-Video inspired cleaning of wiper docking station and Ink waste area.