Epson sc p6000/8000 maintenance tank resetter?

Does one exist on the market for a US Epson printer? $40 isn’t a lot for a new one, but I have grown use to resetting them and not wasting a tank in the process on our older machines.

Thanks for your time in advance.

They are being tested currently abroad but I think these are still for SEA (South East Asia) market models. Epson really locked it down for the North American market . . . :frowning:

Yeah, I’ve saved hundred (if not thousands) in maintenance tank costs over the years by resetting . . .

It feels overly wasteful to just recycle them and to buy a new one. They do last quiet long on the Sure Color printers. I agree if I actually think of it at this point I have saved at least quiet a few hundred and maybe into the thousands as well.

If I come by them in the near future for US Epson printers, I will add the link here.

Thanks for the quick response enjoy your week!

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