Epson Refurbished R3000 and 3880 printers available

After reading the InkjetMall Newsletter today decided to check the Epson site:

Good luck. I’m like Jon and have a few of these stashed away.

So, while customers of these printers in Europe and in Asia can use our unique ink products - people here in the USA can not.” Do IJM folk know, perhaps from the conversation with “one of the most influential CEO’s in the China semi-conductor industry”, where Australia sits in this schema? We have been singled out for special treatment before, such as the chips for the 1410, which wouldn’t take European or USA chips IIRC.

I recall being depressed during the patent wars of 2007-08, when it seemed for a while that refillables were at an end. A way forward was found on that occasion, albeit an imperfect one, since even the best patent non-infringing refillables can be highly temperamental. I’m as depressed again now.

I take it the answer is: no.

My thinking here is that Australia is actually in the same loop as people here in the US as your country seems just as intent as ours in supporting monopolistic behavior by large corporations.

Perhaps, but from what I’ve read, North American printers are locked but not European or Asian. We’re more likely to sit with Asia in such circumstances.

Australians are often told that we have strong consumer protection, but my view is that it’s couched in general terms, and therefore enforcing those rights can be hard, esp for small things, beside of the need to interpretate those rights in specific instances. We lack a number of specific protections, like lemon laws for cars, the Magnuson–Moss Warranty Act, etc.