Epson R3000 VM clogg

I’m having a problem with the VM…
I have a CIS and my printer - Epson R3000 - is only 3 months old.
I use it almost everyday and two days ago the VM started showing lines.
I did several cleaning cycles and a couple of times I got a perfect nozzle check. After two pages the problem restarted and VM had lines all over.
I cleaned the capping station and also I cleaned the printer head with a paper towel and distilled water…
Also I left windex overnight on the capping station which always worked on my epson R320 but unfortunately it did nothing with this new printer.
Also I installed a different VM cartridge (refillable) to see if the cartridge was the problem and the nozzle check continued to have mostly gaps. Also the gaps change places…
Today the nozzle check is missing most of the lines and I don’t know if cleaning cycles will help…
Do you have a suggestion?

Hi Beatriz~

After reviewing your order history, I see that you recently purchased a set of InkThrift dye ink bottles from us, but no cartridges.
What cartridges or CIS are you using with our inks in your R3000 printer? If the missing nozzles move around after cleaning, this may be caused by air in the ink system. Did the VM cartridge run empty or nearly empty recently? I recommend you check the exit channel/chamber and venting of the cartridge/CIS you’re using. Please understand, we can only provide support for our inks, which is limited since you are not using our cartridges and the cartridge has a huge impact on flow and function of inks- we can not support another company’s cartridge system, but will try to help as best we can.

Thanks- Dana :slight_smile:

Hello Dana,
Thanks for your input.
The CIS is from Marrut.
And the refillable cartridge (brand new) is from InkOwl…
The thing is that both - CIS and Cartridge - are showing the same problem with the VM which makes me think that the problem is not the cartridge…
Epson is sending me a new printer since this one is still under warranty but I would like your input, if possible, as to what can be causing this so that I can address it in the future.
Thanks for any help you can offer.
P.S. I intend to order the dye ink from you on a regular basis… Just so you know…

Thanks for the additional information Beatriz.
It is very strange that you experienced a problem with the VM channel with both the CIS and refillable cartridge. We haven’t had any problems ourselves (we use/test our products constantly), or reports of issues with our inks from any other customers, but for informational purposes- please tell me the lot# on your InkThrift VM ink bottle for my records.

Please keep me posted and let me know if there’s anything else I can help you with.
Best regards~ Dana :slight_smile:

I don’t think is the ink Dana…
I even tried the original Epson cartridge and the problem was still there.
In the process I used up an enormous amount of ink… What a waste of ink and paper.
Do you have a suggestion for how I can store my CIS till the new printer arrives so that it doesn’t dry up?
Thank you kindly,

It may be a strange fluke with the mechanics of your printer, and completely unrelated to the ink or cartridge system. I hope the new printer works flawlessly- keep me posted!

To store your CIS while waiting for the new printer to arrive, I recommend draining the ink back to the CIS bottles by removing the carts and holding them over the bottles to allow ink to flow back, then seal the air vent holes of your bottles, and store the cartridges in sealed zip lock bags above the bottles to prevent drying or leaking.

Best regards~ Dana