Epson R3000 Printer

Hi and help
I ran completely out of ink on the LLK cartridge, it indicated that I still had ink in it. when I removed the cartridge checked it, it was completely empty.
I cleaned the printer as you folks specify. I have clanged all the boards on the cartridges because a few indicated there was ink in the cartridge and they were empty.
I ran the clean heads 5 to 6 times and the LLK does not get a drop of ink out.

I started to work on this a few weeks ago and had something come up that cause me to put it aside.

Please help
Jim Herrington

is this the first time you’ve used the cartridge or do you think it reset?

These printers have auto-resetting cartridges. If the printer shows that it can’t recognize a cartridge and then you turn it off and on and the cartridge reads full again, it has reset. It’s important to be aware of the levels of the cartridges and when they reset so you can take them out and refill.

Please let me know specifics of when this cropped up so we can go from there.


Hi Walker
I’ve been using your cartridges and your ink for several years without problems. I find that the cheaper ink that I’m currently is by far more user-friendly because it doesn’t clog up the printer. My current problems started several weeks ago when I was trying to print photos and got very poor results. I removed the cartridges and the LLK was empty and other also indicated over half full and were very low.
I refilled all cartridges and tried them again. Still poor results so I change all the chips to your current design and tried again. Still bad results.
I cleaned the printer as you folks specify did six clean cycles still bad. There is no indication of the LLK cartridge working when I print the check after head cleaning


I had the very same thing happen to me on my R3000. You need to do an ink charge using the WIC reset utility. It does ink charges for free, but you’d have to pay if you need to reset the waste pads.

The battery style chips sometimes reset by themselves, especially when removing carts to shake them. I remove carts periodically to inspect ink levels and shake them. If they reset to full, I fill it right away. l usually do this allowing enough time to refill if necessary.

The batteryless don’t reset like this, but they can’t be reset manually.

Hope this helps.


also, do the ink charge with your battery style carts. lf the ink level gets too low to do an ink charge, you can fill and manual reset. This is not possible with the new style chips.