Epson R3000 Printer yellow ink drain out

Hey Jim. This normally happens only with the PK channel on this model, but it can happen with any ink channel theoretically.

The problem is there is a perforation of the film in the damper of your Yellow channel. The damper is what connects the ink line to the print-head (it does a lot of things such as filtering, pressure regulation, etc). If this damper has a leak, the yellow can simply fall into the waste pad of the printer and empty your cartridge.

In short, the printer needs to get checked out and will most likely need a new “ink supply unit” which is the whole assembly from where the ink carts go in to the ink lines to the dampers (all connected).

This unit is about $160 and is available at but it is a rather involved repair if one is doing it DIY . . .


I have a Epson R3000 That was working really good. until while I was printing There was a problem with the yellow ink. I had topped of the cartage the day before so I knew there was ink available.
When I looked it was empty. I refiled using the correct procedure and started printing. Still the same problem. I remove the cartridge and was empty again. anyone experience that problem?
Jim Herrington