Epson R3000 not switching to MK

IJM staff are more than likely to inform you to replace the buffer. I had the same problem a year ago, trying everything under the sun besides replacing the buffer–nothing worked. Replacing the buffer did. Consult with Walker if you run into any snags. Buy the part from Sun Micro and the manual from 2 Manuals. Print the manual out in color using legal paper and study it thoroughly before you begin. You might also consider replacing the ink/cap unit, this being a relatively easy switch out.

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My Epson R3000 is dropping black ink on photos while printing. After a search on computer I found to flush PK an MK ink channel by switching from PK to MK a few times with PiezoFlush, leav it overnight etc. I guess idea is to clean black inks valve which is leaking.
I got from InkjetMall refillable cartridges, syringes and PK and MK inks. For a week I am trying to do switch from PK to MK but always get error message “Turn printer off and on”.
I talked with Epson technician with no help at all. I tried switch from computer or printer. I tried new Epson MK cartridge instead refillable one.
To describe more precisely, I tried use MK ink only once long time ago. I just remember there were some problems to switch back to PK ink. I have printer for a few years but it was not use very much. If I could fix it I want go with all InkjetMall inks.
Please what else I can do?
Thanks, Jasmir

This is correct. And Yes, you will need a new ink supply system available here: Epson Parts | ink supply unit for Epson Stylus Photo R3000

Not the easiest to plop in but doable.


The correct name for buffer is damper, and the place to get parts is Compass Micro, not Sun Micro, but otherwise I think that’s probably good advice. I’ve never felt the need to print out the manual, though. It works just as well on screen. :wink:

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