Epson R3000 intermittent banding - will Piezoflush help?

Hi Walker & other experts,

I have a fairly old (2012) Epson R3000 that I regulary use for photo printing on baryta-type papers. I recently noticed faint and fairly irregular banding in blue areas, parallel to printhead travel direction. Have a look at the picture below: pure cyan at 5% printed through the QTR calibration mode at 1440dpi. Printhead travel is top to bottom - unidirectional.


Note the “roughness/unevenness”…this is not the paper structure, but the actual print. The same print using magenta looks much smoother (although not 100% perfect).

Here is a full nozzle check:


and a close-up of the cyan channel with some weird stuff going on:


The printhead has been cleaned (also manually using paper towels + Windex), aligned and the ink is new. Would this be something that can be solved by purging the ink system with Piezoflush or am I looking at the early stages of printhead delamination?

Looking forward to an expert opinion on this!

Many thanks in advance,

Dear Wim, this is a new one to me for this printer but roughness does appear on heads as the nozzles slowly become unable to fire micro-dots (3.5 picoliter dots).


Thanks, Walker.

So basically a wear-related failure mechanism? I didn’t expect that after only a few 1000 A4 equivalent prints. Is there anything I can do to explore this in more detail?

Thanks again,

I would start with a uni-directional head alignment (manual head alignment)