Epson R3000 & iMac and / or Photoshop CC are mis-communicating

This could simply be some settings that have gotten messed up from a system update.

If you choose “Printer Manages Colors” when printing from Photoshop, this will allow you to then get into Advanced Black and White mode in the printer. (If on a Mac, you also need to turn Epson Color Controls On and ColorSync off before ABW setting is available).

ABW should take care of most of these shadow color issues. . .


I don’t know whether or not you can have any suggestions for this problem.
Please note that I am still using Epson inks and have not converted to
piezographic inks. Whether or not I do change inks depends on whether
or not I can solve this present problem as follows:

I have spent several days and a whole load of expensive paper trying
to make some prints. I have an Epson R3000 13” printer which is highly
regarded and has served me very well for a number of years. Photoshop
which was stand alone in the computer is now in the cloud. It may be possible
that the Adobe app and the printer are now failing to communicate correctly.

Here is the problem. I have been attempting to print in B&W as well as
B&W + sepia. The prints turn out with the shadow and darker areas in
color. First it was blue in those areas. I got rid of the blue and now
the areas are a very vivid magenta.

Without actual hands on, do you have any suggestions.

My old age is catching up to me. Possible senility? After I tried everything else including surveying the market for a new printer, I finally did what any normal person does first; go through the cleaning an maintenance procedure. PROBLEM SOLVED!! Sorry to clutter up the forum with a none problem.
My old Epson R3000 now produces excellent prints again.

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Sorry, I had assumed you had already!