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Over the past several months, I have had the yellow cartridge “not registered” . . . which if I pull out and wipe with a cloth, and return, then all is good. I’ve replaced the Yellow cartridge with same results. And when I do wipe it, there seems to be a bit of ink that is on the cloth.

Otherwise, it still prints great. This includes all the Inkjet Mall refillable cartridges for this R3000.

Location: Portland Oregon


You probably need to replace the battery on that cartridge. It isn’t very difficult and you can get a Duracell 377 battery replacement anywhere batteries are sold. Just pry the old one out and place the new one and the cartridge will be registered (recognized) by the printer


I’ve tried that and also replaced with a different cartridge. Same results.

It is possible that I my replacement battery was also bad . . . I’ll try again with a different one.