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Over the past several months, I have had the yellow cartridge “not registered” . . . which if I pull out and wipe with a cloth, and return, then all is good. I’ve replaced the Yellow cartridge with same results. And when I do wipe it, there seems to be a bit of ink that is on the cloth.

Otherwise, it still prints great. This includes all the Inkjet Mall refillable cartridges for this R3000.

Location: Portland Oregon

You probably need to replace the battery on that cartridge. It isn’t very difficult and you can get a Duracell 377 battery replacement anywhere batteries are sold. Just pry the old one out and place the new one and the cartridge will be registered (recognized) by the printer

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I’ve tried that and also replaced with a different cartridge. Same results.

It is possible that I my replacement battery was also bad . . . I’ll try again with a different one.