Epson r3000 – auto reset chip not accuratley reporting ink level

In August of 2017 I installed all nine new ink cartridges, with auto reset chips, into an Epson R3000. The ink levels showed as full on both the printer display and the laptop Epson printer status window. As I used the printer, the printer and driver both reported lowering ink levels and they both agreed with each other.

A few days ago the MK ink stopped working. Since the reported ink level showed just below 50%, I thought it may be clogged print heads. After running cleaning cycles, with no change, I pulled the ink cartridge out and found it empty. I checked all the other cartridges and they all had only about 25% ink remaining. Except yellow (Y), it was nearly empty.

Low ink level warnings were never generated for either the Y or MK cartridges. Only the PK cartridge gave me a warning. I don’t trust that the other cartridges will give me low ink level warnings.

Why are the cartridges not reporting proper ink levels and how do I correct the issues?

Most likely what actually happened is two chips reset (they show Error when they reset, not Empty) back to full without the carts getting topped off. It’s important to check the 30mL carts very frequently to ensure they have ink in them. While this is the first I’ve heard it happening on the R3000 (for me) it does happen on the P600 with the small 30mL cartridges so that is why we developed a unique (to us) solution which is our oversized P600 and R3000 60mL carts:

I think you’ll need the 60mL carts . . . top off carts, run 3-6 cleanings to get the K ink back in the line and through the head.


Neither cart gave me any kind of error, just ran out of ink. This makes me wonder if the chips are defective. I don’t think the 60mL carts are a viable solution if the chips don’t warn me of low ink. They look like they are way taller than the ones I have now. It seems to me that the larger carts will not allow the lid to close over the carts. The printer will not work with an open lid.

Is the error you talk about supposed to be the low ink warning? If so where does it display, on the printer, the PC, or both. I have not seen any error code on either the printer or PC. The flashing ink light on the printer never came on, which is supposed to warn me of a low ink or out of ink condition. From what I understand, from other postings, is that the chips will not reset until they give the low ink warning. I take this to mean the chips I have will never reset. This is why I think the chips are defective.

We have sold thousands of these carts without issue but if the cart was not fully filled to begin with it can also lead to an empty line . .

The 60mL tanks allow for 2 resets before they are in danger of running out of ink.

There are cover switches that comes with these carts. Full instructions are on the product page.

I suggest the 60mLs. It’s a safety measure that is effective.



I don’t want to buy the 60mL carts. I want to make the ones I have work properly. Can you answer my previous question about the error code?