Epson R2880 not receiving prints transmitted from Print Tool.

I’m having a problem getting my printer to work with Piezography. I have the following set up on a Mac:

  1. Ink cartridges installed per instructions. Using Piezography Pro inks on matte paper. The cartridges work, and ink flows just fine when I use Epson drivers, but of course the colors are all wrong.

  2. QuadTone RIP installed for Catalina. Then I installed curves for the R2880-Pro

  3. Print Tool installed and successfully formatting photos. See screen shot.

  4. Print color is Matte Warm Neutral Softproof, whatever that means.

When I send to the printer, basically nothing happens. The screen shot shows that 7% has transmitted to the printer, and that’s where it stays. No prints come out.

in your web browser go to localhost:631 and look at jobs. It may require you to do a little thing in terminal first but it will tell you how. Delete all stuck jobs and this should fix it.

Do not print with that profile. Print with Piezography Matte Print or Piezography Gloss Print.

Also, make sure you’ve selected a curve, etc as shown in the manual and printing reference docs.